The journey is not as winding or daunting when you have a guide to lead you toward the light.

Welcome Friend!

If you have just received a scary diagnosis of cancer, are in the midst of treatments, deciding what direction to go, or have made it through what you thought was the tough part, but are now dealing with your post-cancer body – read on!

As a cancer survivor and thriving human being, I can’t say enough about how much my journey through breast cancer changed my life. You will learn many things about yourself, our healthcare system, and acronyms you would have never thought you would know. I am here to help you cut through all the doctor-speak and unfortunate fear tactics that are too frequently being used in oncology. I will be on your side, letting you know that there is light at the end of this tunnel. If that sounds like a plan please contact me so we can get started walking the path.

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