About Amy

What makes me the person you would want to talk to about your cancer diagnosis? 

Because I have been there, my friend. At 39 years old I was diagnosed with stage three, triple positive, HER2 positive, inflammatory breast cancer. In 2016 I did six rounds of chemo, a bilateral mastectomy, and 30 sessions of radiation. But the most important thing that I did during that time of my life was integrate naturopathic medicine, yoga, meditation and reiki into my treatment. My oncologist, surgeon and radiologist were all against the inclusion of natural medicine, but I insisted. I had a deep gut feeling that I wouldn’t make it without it.

And here I am, on the other side, bearing the battle wounds, but I won the “Cancer War”. Amy Puckett headshotI am stronger for it, and have learned a LOT. What I have learned I want to share with others. I want to serve as a guide on the path through others’ cancer journeys. I want to offer perspective on what is an overwhelming and hard-to-digest time of frightening terms and treatments. I don’t offer a cure, nor medical advice of any kind. I offer a sounding board, a “consultant” to have on your treatment team, looking out for your best interests.

To anyone diagnosed with cancer, or in the post-cancer recovery period, I offer:

  • Consultation – giving you access to all the knowledge that I have gained in my journey. I was the one that Googled everything, even though they told me not to! Let me help you understand the system and empower yourself with information.
  • Guided Meditation – harnessing the power of your mind over the fear and uncertainty of a cancer can bring you peace of mind. Meditations focused on shrinking / eliminating a tumor were important on my path.
  • Yoga – I am certified in Yin Yoga which is a gentle version of yoga where you hold the position for 3 to 5 minutes to get a long stretch. This was a perfect complement to physical therapy for my body post-mastectomy but also helps during treatment.
  • Reiki – I am a certified Reiki Master. More about Reiki under the Reiki tab, but think of it as an energy massage, redirecting your energy to the places where it is needed.

I look forward to helping you on your path through cancer as a guide, confidante, sounding board, shoulder to cry on, story teller and friend.

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