What is Reiki?

reiki definition

While most commonly done in person, distance reiki is also recognized as a method for delivering energy from a healer to a client. In this way, I am able to provide reiki healing to you wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Does it hurt? Will I feel anything?

You may not feel anything at all, depending upon how sensitive you are to energy transmission. Some people feel a warm sensation. Others fall into a trance-like state that I like to call a “reiki nap”. Most of my clients say they feel a peace and calm after our sessions.

How do you use Reiki?

Cancer is an imbalance in our bodies. It can perpetuate from an imbalance that is physical, emotional, spiritual, or energetic. Moving your energy to the place in your body where healing needs to occur is the reason for including reiki in your collection of tools. For me, reiki gave me relaxation during a time that it was difficult to “shut my mind off” and allowed me deep and rejuvenating sleep.

How would we use Reiki?

During an hour long session, I would connect with you in person or on the phone to guide you through what I am doing from a healer’s perspective. After the first session we can schedule follow ups for any time that works for your schedule. If you aren’t in the Seattle area, thanks to distance reiki, I can deliver healing energy to you any time and any place.



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