“Nearly six months ago, I was diagnosed at 36 years old with aggressive, triple positive breast cancer. The first 24 hours after being diagnosed were dark for my family – we had no idea how this diagnosis would change our lives, or even if I would survive. However, I was lucky enough that, in a conversation full of tears, a close friend referred me to Amy. Within hours, Amy brought hope, information and care into our lives. I felt bonded to her immediately, in part because two years prior she had been diagnosed with the same type of breast cancer. In the weeks that followed, we met in person and over the phone at least twice a week so that I could ask her questions, gather information in a way that was digestible, and share my darkest fears. Contemplating my mortality swiftly transformed into getting my game face on – my fear transformed into determination after my first appointments with Amy. Her guidance helped me stitch together the loads of information I was receiving from my treatment team with the emotions that were tied to each decision. The experience was different than therapy – which I also recommend – because of Amy’s personal expertise in this space.

After 6 rounds of intensive chemotherapy and a bilateral mastectomy, I am cancer free. Amy supported me through each critical milestone – she talked me through my hair loss, my decrease in energy, whether to take a leave of absence from work, whether to harvest eggs before treatment began, and countless other life-changing topics. Unlike most other conversations I have had in the past six months, she never tried to cheer me up when I talked about my fears – instead we would examine the situation from a few angles to best understand how to move forward. Beating cancer is not easy and it changes your life – but I’m so grateful that I had Amy as a ‘cancer Sherpa’ to help me navigate the treatment process.” – Samantha Motta, Portland, OR

“Having worked with Amy in several different professional experiences, I can highly endorse her in her work as a Master in Consulting, Guiding, Teaching, Energy work, and supporting those choosing to work with her.  She excels in her ability to work with Love, Compassion, Integrity, and Strength.  Her own personal experience is a powerful testimony to her commitment to being of service to others by offering her gifts in this way.” – Megan McGeowin, Mystic and Mentor

“I have worked with Amy in corporate America, and have benefited from her work in reiki, guided mediation, and yoga teaching. Amy is an amazing blend of logical and intuitive; of gentleness and clarity; of asking great questions so you do your own work and offering powerful observations which create new insight. Watching her shepherd herself through her cancer journey with self-kindness and wisdom was a thing of beauty.   I haven’t had cancer but I have worked through some very difficult life situations and Amy is the person I would always want in my corner.” – Emily Carmichael, Mindfulness Coach and Spiritual Director

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