What is yoga?

There is no singular definition of yoga, but the translation of the Sanskrit word means “union”. I like to think of it as the union of breath to movement. Typically you see yoga studios and yoga classes at the gym – sticky mats, bendy people and sometimes they are sweating profusely (usually in heated classrooms). Whatever your notions are of yoga, together we can figure out how it can help you where you are right now.

What makes Yin Yoga different?

Yin Yoga is a slower practice of poses (asanas) that are held for three to five minutes. The long hold allows your body to sink into the pose, stretching the fascia layer and encouraging the muscles to elongate.

Why use Yin Yoga?

Yoga is a gentle way to exercise your body. It is less physically strenuous than many other forms of exercise. It also can lead to a moving meditative state.

For those who have had a mastectomy, stretching the way that Yin Yoga allows can enhance your physical therapy results and add to your range of movement. During my journey I had a “frozen shoulder” and a very painfully tight pectoral muscle after my mastectomy. Yoga, in addition to a really good physical therapist, helped me regain my range of motion and decrease my pain.

How would we use Yin Yoga?

We would first discuss any physical strains and pains you have, as well as your current fitness level and yoga experience (none is necessary). I would create a customized yoga sequence for you and record it, via a video file. I would email a write up of each pose and how it might feel in your body so you can be confident that you are doing the poses correctly. Once you have a hang of your first session, we can gradually work in additional or alternative poses to continue to evolve your practice.

RYT200I am a 200 hour certified yoga instructor and registered with the Yoga Alliance

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